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When experiencing a great success, you simply must do it again!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our second campaign in collaboration with DFDS.

In connection to World Earth Day 2022 in April, we launched our first campaign with DFDS with the aim to act and raise awareness on ocean plastic pollution. Each ticket sold, DFDS would remove the equivalent of 625 plastic straws from ocean and rivers. The result of the campaign spoke for itself with 283% more tickets sold than anticipated, which helped prevent a total of 825 kg of plastic waste polluting our ocean and rivers.

Our fight for a plastic-free ocean continues and so does our partnership. Therefore, we are doing a second campaign where passengers once again are offered to help make a difference by booking a MiniCruise from Oslo to Copenhagen. Each adult ticket sold will help remove the equivalent of 62 plastic bags from ocean and rivers.

The great support from all DFDS passengers is showing that we can turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution with collective action!

Bon voyage!

Read more about the first campaign here


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