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ReSea Project is a documented cleanup solution with quality control by independent third parties.

How we do it

Our cleanup solution is community-driven. We engage people in local communities in Indonesia to recover plastic waste from heavily polluted oceans and rivers 

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Documented and certified cleanup

Our collection process is certified by DNV. As part of the certification activities, DNV conducts 3 annual on-site audits and review the data collection process using the blockchain system.

Weekly sample inspection by Intertek for quality assurance of weighing procedure of collected plastic waste



Collecting plastic waste and register data in blockchain system

i   Off-site quality check by ReSea data analyst



ReSea collector weighs the collected plastic waste and register in blockchain system

i   A ReSea manager oversees the weighing of plastic waste on-site


 Arrival at ReSea Sorting Facility.
Control weighing and register in blockchain system by ReSea team

i    Weekly unannounced on-site sample inspection by Intertek

i   Off-site quality check by ReSea data analyst

i    The final weight is deducted by 12% to account for water and dirt


Sorting of plastic waste by ReSea team






i    Off-site data control check and 3 annual on-site audits by DNV to ensure that the plastic waste collected is the same plastic waste that is passed on to partners


Distribution of sorted plastic waste to partners

A daily cleanup mission

Together we recover polluted oceans and rivers

This video invites you behind the scenes of our cleanup operations, where our operational manager, Yusuf, takes you through the entire cleanup process. Here you will get a glimpse how we work from the early morning, where our team sails out to collect plastic waste to the final step of the celanup, where the plastic waste is sorted, put in sacks and labelled and ready to be collected and transported to our ReSea Project Sorting Facility. 

From ocean waste to fine sorted plastic waste.

Once the plastic waste has been recovered from oceans and rivers, weighted and registered in our blockchain system, it is being transported to our ReSea Project Sorting Facility.


Here, the plastic waste is being fine sorted manually by our team, bale pressed and ready to be handed over to partners who can use it for new purposes.

ReSea Sorting Facility

Meet the team

Our team is the heart of our cleanup solution

Meet Udin and Sulaiman. They are each sharing their story about how they ended up collecting plastic waste from oceans and rivers. In the late 80'ies, they used to play around the rivers they lived by, but this has slowly changed as time passed and more plastic waste was floating around, polluting their oceans and rivers. Now they are both happy to engage with ReSea Project and be a part of the solution and to witness the positive impact they contribute to. 

ReSea Project at Muara Baru 19 Dec-00262_edited.jpg

What are you waiting for?


We are here to help you, help the ocean.

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