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Our mission is to push the agenda for a plastic-free ocean by helping companies worldwide to put their environmental ambitions into action.

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ReSea Project is founded on the belief that businesses together have the force to make change and accelerate the efforts needed to solve the ocean plastic crisis.


By creating a platform and incentive for businesses to make a positive impact on the planet, we have the means to take action against one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Together we can show how profit and purpose, coupled with accountability and aspiration, can be the key to a plastic-free ocean.


For a plastic-free ocean


ReSea Project is a Danish company with its cleanup operations located in Jakarta, Indonesia, focused on saving the ocean from plastic pollution. Via our documented and third-party certified cleanup solution we remove plastic that has already ended up in oceans and rivers to stop it from harming our ocean and planet for many years to come.​

Our impact is solely dependent on businesses joining our movement. As our movement grows, so does our impact. It is our goal to remove 10.000.000 kg plastic waste from oceans and rivers by 2025.

On behalf of responsible companies worldwide we clean oceans and rivers from plastic waste.

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We all have something we fight for, and in ReSea Project it is a plastic-free ocean.



Join the movement for a better tomorrow

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