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about our cleanup mission


At ReSea Project we are always happy to receive questions about our mission. Check out our list of popular topics to find more information about us. If you have other questions or inquiries about ReSea Project, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at or via our contact formular.

  • Who is ReSea Project?
    ReSea Project is a Danish company founded on the belief that businesses together have the power to make a real difference and accelerate the efforts needed to solve the ocean plastic crisis. Our vision is a plastic free ocean. On behalf of passionate companies worldwide, we clean oceans and rivers from plastic waste and push the agenda for a plastic-free ocean. We aim to inspire companies to not only take a stand, but to take action. We help companies worldwide realise their environmental ambitions in a quantifiable, measurable and regulated way.
  • How does ReSea Project's cleanup solution work?
    Our clean-up solution is community-driven. We engage people in local communities in the Jakarta region in Indonesia to recover plastic from heavily polluted oceans and rivers. On top of stopping plastic from harming nature, this also allows us to raise awareness to stop plastic pollution at its source. See our collection process and certification description here.
  • Why is it important to remove plastic from oceans and rivers?
    Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the biggest environmental concerns of our time. With the ocean covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, providing 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb 25% of the Co2 we emit, we need to protect it. Today 11 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year and you can be part of solving the problem. Our vision is a plastic free ocean. To reach a plastic free ocean, the plastic pollution crisis needs to be handled from multiple angles. From political action to research of alternative materials and optimization of recycling opportunities. While all of these important steps are being processed around the world, ReSea Project is on a mission to remove the plastic that has already ended up in oceans and rivers and stop the growing amounts that are still entering our ocean minute by minute.
  • Why should we work with ReSea Project?
    The ocean is the lungs of our planet and currently it is drowning in plastic. Change starts with collective action. Our vision is a plastic free ocean, and we believe this can be achieved by working together – consumers, governments and companies; all pulling in the same direction and leading with action, not words. No one is too small or too big to join the mission – we can all do a little bit to protect our ocean and our planet. ReSea Project is a partner for companies who are committed to being a front runner in a growing environmental concern – the ocean plastic crisis. We help companies stand out to give their customers an extra reason to buy into their brand and be part of something bigger. As a company you can take advantage of this sustainability view in your environmental strategy and communicate a clear message with a measurable impact. Hear what our partners say!
  • How can my company or organization join the mission?
    You can get started here. There are many ways in which your company can make a commitment and support our mission: Fund the removal of a total annual amount of plastic pulled from oceans and rivers, involve your customers and remove plastic every time they buy your product or services, give a percentage of your monthly sales to support our mission, or a whole other case suitable for your needs. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out at info@reseaproject and we will come back to your with a customized suggestion for a partnership fitted to your needs.
  • What types of plastic does ReSea Project collect?
    Our vision is a plastic-free ocean, which is why we collect all types of plastic and not only the plastic types that are most easy to recycle. There are a few exceptions of plastic types that we do not collect. This is e.g., electronic devices since we do currently not have the setup to divide plastic from metal. An average day for plastic recovery per plastic type (based on numbers from 01.01.2022-10.02.2022): HDPE: 52% LDPE: 30% PET: 1% PP: 2% Others: 15%
  • What happens to the plastic waste ReSea Project collects?
    After the collected plastic waste has been weighed at the plastic collectors’ local storage units ReSea Project pics up the plastic waste and transport it to our centralized Sorting Station. The ReSea Project sorting station is located in West Jakarta. When the collected plastic waste is delivered to the sorting station each batch of plastic is weighed. The sorting station uses digital scales with automated weight software – ensuring automatic documentation of weight of the batches of plastic. The weighing process concludes with documentation of the weight results in our tracking app. After weighing the plastic waste, the plastic waste is fine sorted. Each batch of plastic is sorted on sorting conveyor belts in the categories HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET and “Other Plastics”. After the sorting the plastic is bale pressed (to decrease the density and limit the need for truck capacity), stored at the sorting station and awaits further distribution for recycling and waste handling. ReSea Project currently distributes the plastic to partners for recycling to new raw materials, recycling to waste to energy and for waste handling. In our efforts to continuously ensure that as much plastic waste as possible will be recycled we have learned that the better sorting we can provide of the plastic waste the better are the possibilities of distributing it for recycling. By opening the sorting station in March 2022 and thereby controlling the fine-sorting process we take an important step in the direction of ensuring more recycling of the plastic waste we collect.
  • How much plastic has ReSea Project collected?
    The support of responsible companies worldwide makes us able to continuously grow our efforts. We are very proud to have collected more than 1,5 million kg of plastic within our first 16 months of being a certified project – you can follow our progress here!
  • How is ReSea Project financing the cleanup?
    Our cleanup efforts are solely dependent on the plastic we collect on behalf of companies. For every 8 Euro we remove 1 kg plastic waste from oceans and rivers - the equivalent of 50 plastic bottles (500 ml / 20 grams).
  • How can ReSea Project prove it's impact?
    We document every step of our collection process and store the data using a blockchain-based tracking system. Our collection process is certified by the independent third party DNV. The certification gives the highest level of traceability and give companies the certainty that their involvement in ReSea Project truly helps make a difference for our planet. Read more about our certification and documentation here.
  • Where does ReSea Project operate?
    Our cleanup operations are set up in the Greater Jakarta area in Indonesia in different coastal and river locations.
  • How does ReSea Project ensure the right conditions for the people collecting plastic?
    Collectors part of our cleanup team work as individual contractors and are paid based on a piece-rate system. We ensure fair working conditions and compensation well-above the national minimum wage. ReSea Project plastic collectors received in 2021 in average 75% above the average minimum wage in the Jakarta region in 2021. The minimum wage is determined every year by the Government’s office of Jakarta.* Before signing a supplier agreement with ReSea Project the plastic collector must undergo an onboarding process. *Source: Governor's Office of Jakarta
  • Where will ReSea Project expand to next?
    We will expand our efforts in Indonesia and set up our cleanup ecosystem in coastal and river areas characterized with inadequate waste management and low-income areas. Our ambition is to expand our solution not only in Indonesia but to other geographic locations around the world with similar plastic pollution problems. Sign up to our newsletter and get notified on the work we do, or follow us on Social Media @reseaproject to get updated on our efforts.
  • Can I support ReSea Project as a private person?
    We empower brands globally to be frontrunners in the fight against the ocean plastic crisis. As a private person you can support us by spreading the word and have a direct positive impact by supporting the brands that are part of the ReSea Project Movement. Sign up for our newsletter here and follow @reseaproject on social media.
  • Is ReSea Project a charity
    ReSea Project is not a charity, but on an important mission to remove plastic that has already ended up in rivers and oceans, and to stop if from harming our ocean and planet for many years to come. We want to do it as fast as we can, and we believe that the most efficient and scalable solution is to: 1) Invest in building a solid foundation from the beginning. 2) To make sure it is a win for all parties involved. From the cleanup team for whom it is a way of life, to our partner brands who can benefit from taking environmental action, to ReSea Project where we happily invest in the project to make a real impact real fast.
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