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Whale, hello there!

Why we love whales?

Whales are amazing animals! These massive mammals range from the Dwarf Sperm Whale that can reach a length of 2,7 meters, to the big Blue Whale that can reach a length of 30 meters. Whales are also able to capture a massive amount of carbon. Over their entire lifetime, they can capture an average amount of 33 tonnes of CO2. Hard not to love these creatures, right?


Unfortunately, whales are threatened by plastic pollution in the ocean. Just as many other wildlife species, whales have ingested plastic.

In 2019 a young whale died in the Philippines due to dehydration and starvation. The obduction showed that the whale didn't have the expected food in the stomach, but instead around 40 kilograms of plastic waste.

These beautiful creatures are another good reason why we must keep our oceans healthy.

Did you know that since January 2021 we have removed more plastic waste from oceans and rivers than the weight of 14 Blue Whales?

Together. For a plastic-free ocean.


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