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11.052 kilometers crossed for our ocean and rivers!

We knew we were ambitious when we set a goal to move 10.000 kilometers in just one month, but consumers proved us wrong and exceeded our expectations with their dedication to the cause! Together we have crossed 11.052 kilometers, meaning we will remove a total of 1.106 kilograms of plastic waste from oceans and rivers! That is the equivalent of 1.106.000 plastic straws!

Our collective achievement do not go unnoticed. So far, our Plastic Free July challenge is covered in several media channels:

Missed the chance to move for the ocean? Don't worry! We are the dedicated and ongoing partner to Climategames when it comes to removing plastic waste from ocean and rivers. Download the app and join one of the organizations that are hosting a challenge to support a clean and healthy ocean - or ask your own organization to make a climate-friendly sports event on the app!

Thank you very much to all of you for participating!

Read more about our Plastic Free July challenge and partnership with Climategames here!


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