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ReSea Project Sorting Facility

At ReSea Project our finest mission is to remove plastic waste from oceans and rivers to stop it from polluting nature and help protect our planet. But, what actually happens to the plastic waste once we have safely recovered it? We invite you behind the scenes of our ReSea Project Sorting Facility.

The purpose of opening ReSea Sorting Facility is to ensure that as much plastic waste as possible can be used for new purposes. Ocean waste plastic is often damaged and can be both challenging and costly to use again. We know that by fine sorting the plastic waste into plastic types, we increase our possibility to find partners who can make good use of it, and we are proud to know that the waste we collect today is being used to make recycled plastic and for waste-to-energy.

It is essential for us that the plastic waste is no longer polluting our environment - and to know that on top of this the plastic waste will be used for new purposes is a win for us and for our planet.

Let us run you through our process at ReSea Sorting Facility:

Before the plastic waste leaves our clean up locations it is weighed and the weight is registered in our blockchain system. The waste is then transported to our Sorting Facility.

ReSea Project Sorting Facility is located in Jakarta close to the areas where we collect the plastic waste from oceans and rivers. At our sorting facility we have a dedicated team who works to ensure that the waste is now properly handled.

First step is to run a control weighing of the plastic waste upon arrival for quality assurance. The plastic waste is then fine sorted manually by hand, bale pressed and ready to be handed over to partners who can use it for new purposes.

See how it’s done:

Curious to know more?

We’ve visualized our full process from start to end

For more insights into our daily cleanup missions follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!


Team ReSea Project


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