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The season of giving back

Another year is coming to an end and we now find ourselves in December once again - the month filled with joy and the urge to give back, but also the time to reflect. It's no secret, that we are proud of the work we do, and in these magicals days that lie ahead, we can't help but feel it even more when we remind ourselves how grateful we are for everything the ocean provides us; 50% of the air we breathe, absorbes 25% of CO2 emissions, is home to more than 80% of life on earth and it is estimated that about 600 million livelihoods depend at least partially on fisheries and aquaculture. In other words, the ocean is giving us so much, and together we can give back. Thanks to all of our passionate partners, that have joined our mission to remove as much plastic waste as possible as fast as possible. They show that when we stand united, we can make a real impact and since January 2021, we have removed +1.8 million kg of plastic waste from oceans and rivers - together. Thank you.


Want to know how to become our partner and help giving back to our world's biggest ecosystem?

It is simple.

For every 8 EUR invested, we will remove 1kg of plastic waste from oceans and rivers on your behalf.

Do you want to run a campaign to raise awareness for our oceans, do you want to make a fixed annual contribution to help save our oceans, or do you want to support with a percentage of sales or remove a specific amount of plastic waste for every item sold?

Not to worry, we got you covered.

Together we will find the right partner model that fits to your needs and ambitions.

WE'RE HERE FOR YOU We will of course support you and help communicate your doing good initiative with confidence. Besides the direct positive impact of removing plastic waste from oceans and rivers, we know that an important part of making change is rasising awareness. That’s why we are here to support you in communicating your positive impact. We work shoulder to shoulder with our partners as we consider you exactly that– our partner. When you win, we win and best of all the planet wins.

Now, that’s a Christmas miracle.


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