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We are ReSea Project

Our mission is to push the agenda for a plastic-free ocean by helping companies worldwide to put their environmental ambitions into action.

Together. For a plastic-free ocean

ReSea Project is a Danish company founded on the belief that businesses together have the force to make a real difference and accelerate the efforts needed to solve the ocean plastic crisis.

Being part of our cleanup mission enables your business to combine profit and purpose to help create a better world. By creating the incentive for businesses to make a positive impact on the planet, we have the means to take action against one of the most pressing environmental issues against our planet. 


We Need Accountability and Collective Global Action to End the Ocean Plastic Crisis

Our cleanup solution is community-driven. We engage people in local communities to recover plastic waste polluting oceans and rivers. This allows us to raise awareness to stop plastic pollution at its source.

Our impact is solely dependent on businesses joining our movement. As our movement grows, so does our impact. It's our goal to 10.000.000 kg plastic waste from the ocean and rivers by 2025.

Together. For a plastic-free ocean.


Our solution

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High impact location

Indonesia is the second largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution. By tackling the crisis right by its source, we make sure your support is put into action where it has the biggest impact for the environment and make the biggest difference for local communities.

Community-driven solution

Our daily cleanup missions are carried out by people in local communities in the Greater Jakarta area. We provide fair compensation for the amount of plastic recovered, and by engaging local communities in recovering plastic waste, we increase awareness to prevent plastic pollution. 

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Local ecosystems

Establishing our cleanup ecosystem in local communities near rivers and coastal areas contributes to better waste management, economic growth, and raises awareness amongst the communities to prevent plastic from ending up in nature.

Ensuring traceability

A digital tracking system based on blockchain technology secures real-time data and tracks the origin of the recovered plastic and all steps of our cleanup process. Together with the third-party certification of our collection process, it ensures full traceability and scalability of our operations.

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Certified cleanup process

Our entire cleanup process is certified by the independent third party DNV. The certification of our cleanup process ensures the highest level of traceability, meaning that the reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers can be traced all the way back to the location where it was recovered.


Our team

We're located in Denmark, and our team is made up of people who share our passion for making a positive impact on the planet and people. We manage the daily efforts of advancing our ocean cleanup mission and welcoming and supporting businesses joining the movement.


Want to know more?

Visit our Q&A page to learn more about our ocean cleanup efforts and how your business can be part of it.

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