Our mission

To save and protect the ocean by removing all plastic waste.  


Making a change for the better

ReSea Project was developed to make it easier for companies to help clean up the oceans by removing plastic, and benefit from their commitment. By creating a movement of responsible companies that are taking a stand, we have the means to make the necessary impact to stop the devastating effect plastic pollution has on our planet and society.


With vast amounts of plastic littering the oceans, we need to act fast and collectively.

We believe that the solution to turning the tide goes beyond cleaning the oceans. We need to recycle the plastic already available and involve people. By raising awareness in areas with poor waste management, and improving living conditions by offering jobs in local communities, we can create a positive social impact, and prevent plastic from ending up in the ocean.



We’re a business driven by a desire to end plastic pollution in the ocean. We’re not a charity.

Our business solution

As a business, we are not dependent on spending the majority of our time raising money and very little time on the actual purpose of our existence. Instead, we can focus on fulfilling our purpose and offering a solution that can be expanded quickly as more and more companies and organizations take part in the work we do.

ReSea Project was established and developed with help from the Danish packaging company Pack Tech A/S. A company that focuses on innovative and sustainable packaging through its work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and its participation in the UN SDG Accelerator Program.

Our mission

To save and protect the ocean by removing all plastic waste.


We believe that companies worldwide can make the difference needed to save our ocean from dying.


Transparency is the key
to getting companies involved
in our mission.


Real change can only happen by involving companies and local communities, as we create ownership of our mission.  


Everything we do needs to
respect the ocean, local laws 

and communities.


Let’s protect the ocean

Take a closer look at the work we do in Indonesia and learn why your commitment is important.


4.00 €


For every 4 euro, we remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean.

1.00 kg



Cleanup areas

We operate in areas of the world that contribute most to the global problem of plastic pollution.


Our impact

When you invest in our ocean cleanup, you contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


What we do

We want to accelerate efforts for a plastic-free ocean. Our ocean cleanup solution is simple and effective.

Stay updated

Get the inspiration to take action and get the latest updates on our cleanup progress.

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