We Are Upscaling Our Efforts of Cleaning the Ocean From Plastic!

We have the solution. But business as usual will not save the planet. We need more companies out there to take action and join our movement.


ReSea Project is a verified and audited ocean plastic cleanup, collecting plastic in the ocean on behalf of companies joining our cause. Not only do we clean the oceans from plastic, we recycle it and prevent new plastic from entering the world. We educate local communities to think of plastic waste as an income source preventing plastic from ending in the oceans. 

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Our new website is launching soon. In the meantime, we continue our cleanup efforts in Indonesia, and in just a few seconds you can help us.


When signing up for our newsletter, we remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean on your behalf! 

Take action by signing up, and spread the word to companies who want to be part of the difference we need to put an end to plastic polluted oceans. 

Sign up and remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean – equivalent to 67 water bottles. 

500 ml single-use water bottles each weighing 15 grams.  

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