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Every day at ReSea Project is cleanup day, but in honor of the world’s largest volunteer cleanup event World Cleanup Day on September 18, we’re inviting you to join us for World Cleanup WEEK.

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From 13-18 September we’re inviting individuals and businesses out there to help drive attention to the urgency for immediate and collective action against plastic pollution in our oceans and give you the opportunity to make a significant difference for the health of the world’s oceans. And all it takes is a little working together. 

So, get aboard, and let's save our oceans!

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In 2021 so far, we’ve removed more than


of plastic

the equivalent of more than

42,5 million
plastic bottles

from oceans and rivers!

This is all thanks to the brands part of the #RESEAMOVEMENT powering our cleanup mission

To put the amount into context that’s the weight of approx.


6 x a blue whale


Liberty statue.jpg

4 x the Statue of Liberty

ReSea Project Marketing

But that’s not all...

... We're making waves beyond the sea we work in.

Discover yourself:

Social Impact

We employ people from local communities affected by waste mismanagement and low income, very often fishermen, to join our cleanup team. By supporting the income well above local minimum wages we improve living conditions significantly. 

Improving Waste Management

We improve waste management locally and support the circular economy. Together with local partners, we always work to improve and develop the opportunities to recycle plastic to utilize the longevity of the plastic already available and thereby reduce the amount of new plastic entering the world to reduce carbon emissions.

Awareness & Education

Through our efforts we raise awareness, educate, and inspire  locally and globally to better accountability and make differences to reduce plastic use, improve waste management, and avoid plastic from ending up in nature.

For a sustainable future

Get the full picture of how our cleanup solution contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Now we ask YOU to help us make an even bigger impact!

Now that we've proved to you that working together can make a difference, we're asking for your help to be part of making increase our impact against ocean plastic pollution.


During our World Cleanup WEEK initiative from 13-18 September 2021 you have the opportunity to help make a tangible difference for our oceans. Simply by raising your voice. 




Here's how you can make a change


For every new follower we gain on our Instagram and Facebook page during World Cleanup WEEK, we’ll remove the equivalent of 5 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers! Just imagine the impact we can do together! Not only are we making a tangible difference on behalf of all new followers, but followers also help to increase visibility and make people and businesses out there aware.

So help share the message on Social Media. Whether you re-post in your feed or story, you will show that you care, and it will inspire your friends, family, and followers to do the same + plus they make an actual difference for our oceans by following us.

During World Cleanup WEEK we’ll make different posts as part of our campaign which easily can be shared. As one of the very few with a fully traceable and certified cleanup process, we’ll make sure to update on the impact we make together during World Cleanup WEEK.

If you don't follow us already on Instagram and Facebook, just hit the links below: 

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Now that you're warmed up doing good for our oceans, why not top it by removing another 10 bottles out of oceans and rivers? That's right! When you subscribe to our newsletter, we recover the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles (0.2 kg) on your behalf. So don't hesitate to subscribe to get the latest news about our cleanup progress and get the insights and inspiration on how to get your business part of our movement.

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Join the Movement!

By getting your business aboard our movement, you’ll join the list of frontrunner brands worldwide committed to driving sustainable action against the ocean plastic crisis. And believe us when we say that they get rewarded for the tangible difference they make for our oceans! Who wouldn't prefer to support brands part of making our oceans and rivers cleaner from plastic?

If we are to beat the ocean plastic crisis, we need your business aboard to drive immediate and concerted action. Share a few details with us, and we’ll be in touch to show you how easy your business can make an environmental and social impact and leverage your sustainable commitments through a partnership with ReSea Project.



For a plastic-free ocean.

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