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ReSea Project partners with natural & organic products to remove plastic from oceans and rivers

Visitors to this year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe show at London ExCel (April 3rd to April 4th), Europe's leading trade show for the natural products, health food and organic industries, will make a direct positive impact on plastic pollution and ocean health as its official event partner, ReSea Project, will remove the equivalent of 100 plastic straws from oceans and rivers for every person attending the event. The event is expecting +10.000 visitors culminating to a minimum of 1 million plastic straws.

Since January 2021, ReSea Project has stopped over 1.4 million kgs of plastic waste from polluting oceans and rivers. To put into relatable measures this equals approximately 40 plastic straws being removed from oceans and rivers every second.

ReSea Project is on a mission to remove as much plastic from oceans and rivers as fast as possible, and they do so by partnering with responsible companies globally who want to make a documented environmental impact.

Event Director, Carol Dunning said; “As one of the industry’s biggest trade shows, we appreciate the huge role companies play in building a more sustainable future. It is vital that events such as ours not only provide a space for eco-friendly innovation, but also look inward and adapt business practices to tackle the biggest environmental challenges of the day. That’s why we are so proud of our partnership with ReSea, a company that not only takes direct action against plastic pollution, but supports the communities hardest hit by the crisis.”

Just one of two global organisations that are certified in plastic removal from oceans and rivers by globally recognized assurance provider DNV, ReSea Project’s high level of traceability provides proof of the plastic’s source and its onwards journey to ReSea Project’s sorting station via blockchain technology. From here the plastic waste is sorted into plastic types, bale pressed and distributed for recycling and waste handling purposes.

Christine Tangdal, Head of Sales and Partnerships at ReSea Project, said “Those in the room, both exhibitors and visitors, are perfectly positioned to make a real impact on the ocean plastic pollution crisis, which is one of the most present environmental challenges facing our planet today. We are very excited to have this opportunity to show business leaders how they can embed positive action into their business strategy. We have committed to remove plastic out of the ocean for every attendee- just by simply coming to event you are making a huge difference.”

Natural & Organic Products Europe will return to ExCeL London on Sunday 3 and Monday 4 of April 2022. To register for a free trade ticket, please visit here


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