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Partnership to advance efforts against plastic pollution

A collaboration between ReSea Project and the Environmental Organization Plastic Change aspire to tackle plastic pollution from different angles.

The amount of plastic going into the world’s oceans are set to triple unless companies and governments act to drastically reduce plastic production, according to a report from PEW Charitable Trust and Systemiq from July 2020. The research estimate that the amount of plastic going into the ocean every year will rise from 11 million tons to 29 million tons by 2040.

The ocean plastic crisis is the most pressing threat against the ocean, animals, ecosystems, and society. A new partnership between ReSea Project and Plastic Change aims at getting more companies to take larger responsibility and get part of the actions against plastic pollution. “We are facing an urgent need to collect plastic waste from the Ocean to avoid it from ending up as microplastic. But the cleanup effort cannot stand alone. That’s why we have partnered up with Plastic Change, who works on long-term solutions to solve the problem.” says Resea Project Founder Christian L. Jensen.To solve the global threat of plastic pollution, we need to tackle plastic pollution from different angles. The collaboration combines the need of here and now action by involving companies in large-scale cleanup solutions, and the work for changing policies and regulations on a global scale, reduce production of single-use plastic, and stopping plastic at its source to prevent it from ending up in nature and eventually theOcean. The collaboration seeks to raise awareness of changing our plastic behavior in general and affect companies to reduce their plastic usage meanwhile being part of the cleanup efforts.

The Founder of Plastic Change explains more about the collaboration and the urgent need for actions against plastic pollution in the video below:


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