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First week of March 2022 was a BIG week for our planet! 🌏🌊

"This is a historic moment" said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

The United Nations approved a landmark agreement to create the world's first ever global plastic pollution treaty, describing it as the most significant environmental deal since the 2015 Paris climate accord.

We could not be more excited! 🙌 Our vision of a plastic free ocean is getting closer.

It will take some time to reduce the volume of plastic that enters our ocean, but the agreement from 2nd of March is a strong way forward to break the wave. Until now, we have looked into a future where plastic pollution in our oceans increase year by year. The announcement marks a new hope for a brighter future where we, with a combined effort, can turn the tide on ocean plastic pollution.

ReSea Project removes plastic that has already ended up in oceans and rivers harming the environment and helps stop the growing amounts that are still entering our ocean minute by minute. We do this with the support from our partners – responsible companies all over the world who wants to drive environmental action and have a measurable impact here and now.

With the positive announcement from UN highlighting the importance of taking action against plastic pollution, global joint efforts have never been more relevant. We believe that by working together real change can happen. 👇🏽


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