Make an impact with your used phones. On average, a used phone can remove 5 kgs of plastic from the ocean.


Your phone can

help clean the ocean

By sending your used phones to Worthmore, customers can both discard old phones in a sustainable way and easily donate any portion of the phone’s value to support a good cause and make a difference. With every donation of 13 Euro (100 DKK) Worthmore removes 1 kg of plastic from the ocean through ReSea Project.

Meeting customer demands



Clean the oceans and reduce plastic waste is within the top 3 causes people want to support.

Through a thorough market data survey, Worthmore discovered that cleaning our seas and reducing plastic waste were strongly supported by their users. The work ReSea Project does allows our users to take part in meaningful change on both of these fronts.



"We believe that ReSea Project's activities can instigate our customers to take action upon their used technology, towards a circular economy and cleaner future." 



Benefitting the
business model

Worthmore has chosen to collaborate with ReSea Project because the core activity of removing plastic from the ocean is transparent and ticks many other important boxes for sustainability. In addition to collecting ocean trash, ReSea Project closes the loop by recycling the plastic and ensuring it is put back to good use, something that aligns with Worthmore's core values. Another important reason for partnering with ReSea Project is their focus on social impact. Plastic collectors are paid good wages and it is clear that consideration is given to how the cleanup activities affect the people involved.

Visit Worthmore and contribute to circular economy and a plastic-free ocean with your used phones.

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Get the inspiration to take action and get the latest updates on our cleanup progress.

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