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Kneipp is part of the fight against ocean plastic pollution

Here’s how we are making a difference for nature and society


Kneipp is committed to contribute to the efforts
for a plastic-free ocean by removing

4.375 kg

of plastic from the ocean through ReSea Project.



equivalent to 275.500
single-use plastic bags.

Our commitment to cleaning the oceans fits our sustainability aspects of supporting ecology, economy and social matters.

Environmental commitment

–  Kneipp  –


Contributing to the efforts for a plastic-free ocean

By supporting ReSea Project, Kneipp is responsible for removing plastic from the ocean and rivers in Indonesia. The solution is community-driven, meaning people from local communities in plastic polluted areas are employed to be part of the cleanup team.


Get to know the cleanup members from ReSea Project who will be collecting the 1.875 kg of plastic from the ocean and rivers on behalf of Kneipp through the video at the bottom of the page. 

Kort over Indonesien.jpg


The urgency of cleaning the oceans

The philosophy of Kneipp can be summed up as “Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health.”


With the devastating effects plastic pollution is having on the ocean and nature in general, we believe it is our responsibility to help restoring our planet’s most important ecosystem. Like Sebastian Kneipp’s core concern was to increase general well-being and prevent disease, contributing to the fight against ocean plastic pollution is our way of giving back to the planet.


Please take a moment to watch this video to understand why immediate action is needed to stop plastic from littering the ocean, and the positive impact caused by our contribution at Kneipp.

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