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DFDS launches campaign in the fight for an ocean without plastic pollution


"DFDS collaborate with ReSea and fully support their aspiration of an ocean free of plastic. A healthy marine environment is a key element in a sustainable world"



Campaign to act and raise awareness

Being the world’s leading ferry operator the Ocean is truly close to home for DFDS.

In connection to Earth Day 2022, DFDS launched a campaign to act and raise awareness on ocean plastic pollution. Throughout the campaign passengers had the chance to book a mini cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen and the full amount for the cruise went directly to remove plastic from oceans and rivers via ReSea Project.


Each cruise sold stopped the equivalent of 625 plastic straws from polluting the ocean.



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Simple and effective execution

The campaign was communicated via a DFDS campaign site, social media and newsletter by both DFDS and ReSea Project.

"The campaign results speak for itself with 283% more tickets sold than anticipated and engaging questions and comments from both consumers and colleagues"

"We are happy to have removed 825 kg plastic waste with this campaign and are looking forward to continue our partnership in the future"


Operating on the ocean DFDS connects us all as global neighbors. As part of DFDS’ sustainability efforts taking action to clean our oceans is a clear and easily understandable link. Our ocean covers 75% of the earth’s surface and houses between 50% and 80% of all life on earth 

Every second breath comes from the ocean

The ocean is responsible for at least 50% of the oxygen on earth

Climate regulation

Around 25% of all CO2 emissions are absorbed by the ocean

3 billion people worldwide rely on wild-caught and farmed seafood as a primary source of protein

Important source of food

The ocean is not just a source of food, but also home to an abundance of life

The biodiversity is incredible


Want to be an environmental frontrunner? 

Change starts with action. Join the movement for a better future for our planet and people.

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