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Making waves beyond the sea we work in

The social benefits of cleaning up the oceans.


Making a positive social impact

Your company supporting ReSea Project and the continuous growth means more plastic removed from the ocean, but by being part of our cleanup mission your company is also contributing to a positive social impact.

As our cleanup solution is community-driven and the progress solely dependent on the continuous support from businesses, we are making an impact beyond the sea where plastic is collected. Your company is not only funding the removal of ocean plastic but also the employment of more people in local communities to join our cleanup team.



Affecting the local community

The local communities do not have the means to deal with plastic pollution. By expanding our operations to different areas, we can both tackle plastic pollution, raise awareness and support people's income. The increased income through collecting plastic gives our cleanup team the opportunity to provide for example education for their children, medical aid, nourishing foods and better living conditions. As rain seasons and rising sea-levels causes flooded areas, the income from collecting plastic is important to supply materials to prevail the houses being affected by heavy rain and flooding.



A threat to the local community

The threat of plastic waste in the water is an undeniable fact. For the local communities it affects their ability to supply food. Cleaning plastic from the oceans and rivers comes with a positive social impact for our cleanup team and their families, but it also has a more far-reaching effect in terms of being able to catch fish. At the same time, we experience how our presence raises awareness of the importance of proper waste handling and recycling the plastic waste.

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