Making waves beyond the sea we work in

The positive social impact of cleaning up the oceans.


Making a positive social impact

Continuous growth and support of our ocean cleanup means more plastic removed from the ocean, but your company also contributes to a positive social impact.

With your continuous support and more companies joining our cleanup movement, we can hire more people to join our cleanup team. In Indonesia, we are constantly searching for new collection points near local communities where we can employ more people.



Affecting the local community

We see the difference created in our operational areas. Our cleanup team experience an increase in their income. Being part of ReSea Project enable the cleanup members to double their income by collecting plastic, giving them the opportunity to provide education for their children, medical aid, and increase their family’s overall living conditions. As rain seasons and rising sea-levels causes flooded areas, the income from collecting plastic is important to supply bamboo and materials to prevail the houses being affected of heavy rain and flooding.



A threat to the local community

The threat of plastic waste in the water is an undeniable fact, and for the local communities it affects their ability to supply food. Cleaning up the oceans and rivers of plastic comes with a positive social impact for our cleanup team and their families, but it also has a more far-reaching effect on being able to catch fish. At the same time, we experience how our presence raises awareness on the importance of proper waste handling and recycling the plastic waste.


Our Story

With vast amounts of plastic littering the oceans, we need to act fast and collectively.


Ocean facts

Plastic pollution has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. In 2016 alone, we produced 396 million metric tons of plastic.


Case stories

The world is aware of plastic pollution in the oceans and your customers want to be part of the change...

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