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Eyda Activewear

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Boosting sales through sustainable actions and customer involvement



When it comes to training, Eyda encourages women to do the best they can with what they got, and what feels right for them instead of striving for unattainable standards. The same philosophy goes for taking sustainable action: The planet calls for action. Every company needs to do what it can to take responsibility.


Customer involvement means brand awareness


We have received really great feedback from customers on supporting ReSea Project

As an important step of continuous business development, Eyda introduced a pair of recycled tights to their product portfolio. To raise awareness and increase the environmental efforts to go beyond their core business, Eyda found it obvious to partner up with ReSea Project to join the fight against ocean plastic pollution: For every pair of recycled tights customers buy, ReSea Project collects 1 kg of plastic.

Involving customers in making a difference has been a successful way of creating attention to Eyda’s brand and adding additional value to the new product line.


See the case story here

See the case story here


Creating the

e-commerce differentiator

As an e-commerce business, founded by the well-known personal trainer Mette Lyngholm, Eyda is well aware of the importance of being present on online media. With the marketing services from ReSea Project, the commitment of removing 1 kg of plastic per product sold is used as a sales campaign to boost sales of the new sustainable product line and raise the brand profile of Eyda.

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