Providing you with the highest level of traceability

We are certified to DNV GL’s Chain of Custody Standard for plastic recovered from oceans and rivers.

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A fully traceable cleanup solution

The certification provides assurance from an independent third party of the plastic extracted from rivers and oceans, traceability of the total collection process, and the amount of plastic we remove. Not only does the certification assure the highest level of traceability and accountability, but it also ensures fair compensation to our cleanup team – the heart of our cleanup solution.

When your company joins our movement, this is the assurance you get:

We provide proof certified by an independent third party that the plastic is recovered from the ocean and rivers.

We trace the plastic back to its extraction site and monitor its onward journey up until delivery at a waste bank.

The level of transparency enables you to trust that your support and commitment help make oceans and rivers cleaner from plastic waste.



We track and document all plastic recovered

A digital tracking system based on blockchain technology secures real-time data and track the origin of the recovered plastic and all steps of the cleanup process until delivery at a local waste bank. This ensures true authenticity and the highest level of traceability ensuring that the reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers can be traced all the way back to the location where it was recovered. To get a better understanding of how we document our impact, we have outlined the process for you.


Supporting our cleanup efforts provides certainty that your commitment help make oceans and rivers cleaner from plastic waste

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