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Involving trade partners and consumers by removing the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers for every bottle of wine sold.


“The reason we partner with ReSea is one word: verified.

I think we have an obligation – not only to ourselves but to our customers – that any claim we make with our wine, we can 100% back it up with our actions"

Justin Moran, co-founder The Hidden Sea


A brand story with an impact

The Hidden Sea Wine  is an Australian no-nonsense premium wine company making wines that matter for people who care. For every bottle sold The Hidden Sea removes the equivalent to 10 single-use plastic bottles via ReSea Project from oceans and rivers. They have set an ambitious goal: To remove the equivalent to 1 billion plastic bottles before 2030.


The vineyards in South Australia were once covered by a vast ocean and home to a thriving marine ecosystem. The Hidden Sea does not only see their commitment to stop ocean plastic pollution as a great match with their story - it is also a strong message that meets the expectations of consumers, who can now drink wine and make a real difference at the same time. 


"We are not creating another drinking moment.
We are creating a movement."

The Hidden Sea 

Our partnership and results as told by the co-founder of the Hidden Sea