Involving customers by removing the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers for every bottle of wine sold.


Making a difference

Brands vying for consumer attention should have a higher purpose, more than just wine quality and packaging. That is the belief of Australian wine brand The Hidden Sea, whose customers worldwide can make a quantifiable difference by removing the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the world’s oceans and rivers for every bottle of wine purchased.



A brand story with an impact

The Hidden Sea Wine is a no-nonsense premium wine company with a heritage tied to the ocean from the very beginning. The vineyards in South Australia were once covered by a vast ocean and home to a thriving marine ecosystem. Justin Moran, Co-Founder of The Hidden Sea Wine, not only sees their commitment to remove plastic from the ocean as a great match with their brand story, it is also a strong message that meets the expectations of consumers, who can now drink wine and make a real difference to the oceans.

The Hidden Sea Wine have made their mission of taking action against ocean plastic central in their communication. 

We saw a threefold increase in sales, just because of that simple message.

With help from consumers, market partners, and retailers, The Hidden Sea communicates the ambitious goal of removing 1 billion plastic bottles from the world’s oceans by 2030.This has been a successful way of making consumers feel part of something bigger. The results of going to market with the message speaks for itself: In just four months of 2020 the wine brand experienced their websales going up 1500% by adding the claim and impact to their products. 



Simple and effective


To create a successful business case, ReSea Project has supported The Hidden Sea Wine in developing the marketing assets needed to communicate their claim of cleaning plastic from oceans and rivers. This includes displays for retail stores and a QR code printed on the bottles, enabling customers to scan the code and access a customized landing page with collection data, visuals and storytelling about how The Hidden Sea and their customers make a difference for our oceans and our cleanup team. By giving their products impact the results are clear: consumers are rewarding them for taking action and sales have heavily increased. 

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