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Get Rewarded for Taking Action Against Ocean Plastic Pollution. 

Companies joining our efforts for a

plastic-free ocean cultivates positive brand recognition, increase sales and customer loyalty. We call it: better planet - better business. 

Get contacted by a consultant and learn how to build a strong business case



Make it a strong business case

We will narrow down which marketing tools will benefit your business most. Your company can choose to remove plastic per product or service sold, go plastic neutral, make your employees plastic neutral for a year, or use your claim another way that customers will notice. 


Your customers care, and they will reward you for involving them in  removing ocean plastic by simply  buying your product.


Boost sales of a product in your portfolio for a limited time and add value to it by removing an amount of plastic for each product sold.


Making a tangible difference is a powerful message that drives attention to your brand. Promote your claim and gain the publicity you deserve.


"92% of consumers will be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues"

Stay updated

Get the inspiration to take action and get the latest updates on our cleanup progress.

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