Remove ocean plastic per sold product

Are you offering products or services to end-users? Showing your environmental commitment and making a difference by removing plastic from the ocean per sold product or service is a strong and effective consumer engagement strategy.

It increases awareness of the products and services you offer

It adds value to your product and services driving to sales growth

It meets consumer expectations and increases customer loyalty

It increases customer advocacy


Overskrift mangler

You choose the amount of plastic you want to remove per sold product or service, and if you want to distribute it on all products or services sold or for a specific product line – for example in relation to a product launch or adding value to the services you provide. You can choose to communicate the exact amount of plastic removed (“Buying this product removes half a kilo of plastic from the ocean”), or convert it to visualize the amount (“Buying this product removes the equivalent of 30 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean”). 

88% of global consumers will be more loyal to a company supporting social or environmental issues.



We give you the tools needed to build your business case

Here are examples of some of the marketing tools we offer relevant to communicating your message and drive attention to your brand:



Add the ReSea Project logo on products and/or store displays to state the plastic removal.


​Engage your target audience through social media postings with access to our media kit.


​Customized promotion video telling about your company’s commitment and the plastic remove. 

Get a customized QR code and landing page and add it on your products, displays etc.



Let’s exemplify the effects of involving consumers in your environmental commitment:

Australian wine brand The Hidden Sea removes the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle of wine sold. By using the marketing advantages and make consumers feel part of something bigger, the simple message has led to increased sales and brand attraction.

Interested in making a similar case for your company? State your interest and share a few details about your company and product or services below and we will be in touch on how you can improve your business and make a tangible difference for the oceans through consumer engagement.

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