Our Ocean Cleanup Supports the Un Sustainable Development Goals

With a circular and community-driven cleanup solution, we and the companies part of our mission are making waves beyond the sea we work in. 

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Support plastic


= Help decrease poverty

Payment to our cleanup team for collecting plastic enable them to support their income, decreasing the poverty level and improving living conditions for our cleanup team and their families.


A growing cleanup movement
= Increasing employment and income

As more companies join our cleanup mission, we can employ more members to our cleanup team. As we advance our efforts it can accelerate the economic growth in the local communities where we operate.


Retrieving ocean and river plastic
= lessen the production of new plastic

When your company is part of cleaning the ocean and rivers, you also support the circular economy because we deliver our plastic waste to waste bank partners who distribute it for recycling and waste handling.


Removing ocean and river plastic
= Reduce CO2 emissions

Our waste bank partners send an amount of the plastic we collect for recycling. Recycling plastic reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the production of new plastic.


Clean plastic from the ocean

= Improve marine life

Plastic debris is causing a severe threat to life below the surface. Removing plastic from the ocean is crucial to restore the ocean ecosystems and more than 300,000 marine species.


Cooperating with partners
= building a sustainable future together

By cooperating with waste bank partners, we join forces to improve the circular economy and make more out of the resources available.



Consumers demand that companies 
take action. How much plastic would you like to remove?


Track the plastic

Each batch of plastic collected is carefully tracked and registered to create full transparency. 


Case stories

The world is aware of plastic pollution in the oceans and your customers want to be part of the change...