Our Ocean Cleanup Supports the Un Sustainable Development Goals

With a circular and community-driven cleanup solution, we and the companies part of our mission are making waves beyond the sea we work in. 


400 tons

of plastic removed from the ocean in 2019.


520,000 euro 

paid to local plastic collectors in Indonesia in 2019.


600 tons

less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Our ocean cleanup contributes to six of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

8 Euro investment
= 1 euro to the plastic collector

For every 8 euro invested in our cleanup by companies, we pay 1.30 euro to the plastic collector, decreasing the poverty level for our cleanup team and their families.

A growing cleanup movement
= Increasing employment and income

As more companies join our cleanup mission, we can employ more members to our cleanup team. We are currently increasing the plastic collector’s income by approx. 170%. As we advance our efforts it accelerates the economic growth in the local communities where we operate.

Recycling ocean plastic
= minimize the production of new plastic

When your company is part of cleaning the ocean, you also support the circular economy and recycling the plastic waste removed from the ocean on your behalf. We ensure that the plastic retrieved from the ocean is processed and distributed for recycling to minimize the production of virgin plastic.

Recycling ocean plastic
= Reduce CO2 emissions

By processing the plastic collected for recycling, we are combatting climate change. Recycling plastic reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the production of new plastic. As the Ocean produces more than 50% of our oxygen and absorbs CO2, it is crucial to remove plastic debris.

Clean plastic from the ocean

= Improve marine life

Plastic debris is causing a severe threat to life below the surface. Removing plastic from the ocean is crucial to restore the ocean ecosystems and more than 300,000 marine species.

Cooperating with recycling partners = building a sustainable future

We make sure that the plastic collected is cleaned, sorted and processed to different recycling partners who are able to turn trash into treasure. This contributes to circular economy and making the most out of resources already available.

We are very humble about the fact that we only have a business case when our customers get true value from us collecting plastic on their behalf.

Christian L. Jensen, Founder of ReSea Project



Consumers demand that companies 
take action. How much plastic would you like to remove?


Track the plastic

Each batch of plastic collected is carefully tracked and registered to create full transparency. 


Case stories

The world is aware of plastic pollution in the oceans and your customers want to be part of the change...

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