Frequently asked questions

What is ReSea Project?

We are an ocean plastic cleanup company with the mission of cleaning our oceans by removing plastic, recycling it, and raising awareness of proper waste disposal.

We collect plastic on behalf of companies and organizations that support our mission. For every 8 euro spend we remove 1 kg of plastic from the ocean on your behalf. With more companies and organizations playing a part in our cleanup efforts, we have the strength to scale up our efforts to put an end to plastic pollution.

How does ReSea Project's cleanup solution work?

Our cleanup solution is circular, meaning that it goes beyond the plastic we collect from the ocean and rivers. We seek to have as much possible of our collected plastic recycled, and seek to raise awareness about how plastic waste should be handled. As we engage local communities in cleaning the ocean, we provide them with the benefit of improved living conditions. We believe that plastic materials and products should be kept in a closed loop and be recycled to utilize the longevity of plastic as much as possible, and to discard as little as possible. With the circular economy approach in our business model, we clean up the oceans and rivers by removing plastic, seek to have as much possible recycled, and try to raise awareness on how to reduce the production of new plastic.

You can learn about the work we do here.

How can ReSea Project prove it's impact and the work it does?

The processes involved in our collection efforts are documented. This serves as the guarantee needed for companies to support our mission. You can find more information on our Documentation page here.

Where will ReSea Project expand to next?

As more companies and organizations take part in our cleanup efforts, we will expand our efforts in Indonesia with more cleanup locations. Over time, our aim is to roll out our cleanup solution to new geographic locations around the world with similar plastic pollution problems. Sign up to our newsletter and get notified on the work we do, or follow us on Social Media @reseaproject.

What types of plastic does ReSea Project collect?

There are many different types of plastic found in the ocean, but our cleanup team most commonly collects the following:

PET (Drinks bottles, food jars, clothing, some shampoo bottles)

HDPE (Milk jugs, plant pots, toys, some plastic bags)

LDPE (Single-use shopping bags, flexible bottles, bubble wrap, packaging films)

PP (Bottle caps, drinking straws, diapers)

PVC (Credit cards, pipes, synthetic leather)

PS (Plastic foam cups and containers, meat trays, yoghurt containers)

OTHER types (Nylon fabrics, baby bottles, car parts)

Where does ReSea Project operate?

For the time being, our cleanup operations are in the Java Sea in Indonesia. Our aim is to expand to new collecting points as more companies join us.

As more companies and organizations take part in our cleanup efforts, we will expand our efforts in Indonesia with more cleanup locations. Over time, our aim is to roll out our cleanup solution to new geographic locations around the world with similar plastic pollution problems.

What happens to the plastic waste ReSea Project collects?

The plastic waste collected is sorted before being delivered to local waste banks. The waste banks distribute the plastic waste for recycling and waste handling. We aim to have as much of the plastic we collect further distributed for recycling but for now, an amount cannot be recycled. However, we believe it is better to collect all that we can instead of leaving the non-recyclable plastic in the ocean or river harming wildlife and the health of the local communities.

Can I support ReSea Project as a private person?

For the time being, we only offer our services to companies. We are working on a way to also allow private individuals to take part in our plastic cleanup.

Until then, you can help spread the word about our cause. Sign up for our newsletter and follow @reseaproject on social media.

Is the plastic waste from the ocean in good enough shape to be recycled?

It depends on the facilities and technologies of the recycling company, and what kind of recycled material they produce. Most recycling companies prefer PET and PE types as they are the most commonly recycled (they are also the plastic types seen most often in the environment). Some companies are able to recycle more difficult types such as plastic foam, which is commonly used for packaging in Asia in particular.

How is ReSea Project financing the cleanup?

Our cleanup efforts are solely dependent on the plastic we collect on behalf of companies.

How can my company or organization be part of ReSea Project?

You can commit and make an impact by us removing an amount of plastic from the ocean on your behalf. 8 euro removes 1 kg of plastic from the ocean. You can get started here. If you are in doubt, please reach out to us for further information. We are happy to arrange a meeting with you to hear more about your interest and tell you more about the work we do, and how you can use your commitment strategically to build a strong environmental company profile.

How does ReSea Project ensure the right conditions for the people collecting plastic?

We are proud of our community-driven solution, as we improve living conditions for the people who are part of our cleanup efforts, and their families.

All of our plastic collectors have to follow our Code of Conduct, which is a set of ethical rules for the cooperation between ReSea Project and our partners. This serves as our objective of acting responsibly and ensures good conditions for the people involved in our operations.

You can find our Code of Conduct here.

Are you a charity?

We are a for-profit company and do not accept donations at this time. As a purpose-driven business, we are not dependent on spending the majority of our time raising money and very little time on the actual purpose of our existence. We offer a cleanup solution where businesses can make a 1:1 tangible difference that allow us to grow our operations and impact as more businesses support our mission. ReSea Project was established and developed with help from the Danish packaging company Pack Tech A/S. A company that focuses on innovative and sustainable packaging.

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