Per customer or employee

By involving your customers or employees in removing plastic from the ocean, you are building close bonds with the lifeblood of your business, making them feel part of something bigger.  

It increases

customer loyalty

It increase employee-advocacy and attracts top-tier employees

It improves

the company profile


Overskrift mangler

You can remove an amount of plastic of your choice: For example per employee, per booking, for all reoccurring customers or something, per sold product as an added value, or something entirely different.

Environmentally responsible companies cultivate positive brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, and attract top-tier employees.



The tools needed to build your business case and a strong loyalty

Here are examples of some of the marketing tools we offer relevant to give your products or services an added value by removing plastic from the ocean on behalf of customers or employees:



Logo, badge and certificate to state the plastic removal on website and printed material.


Media kit to develop internal and external newsletter.


​Customized SoMe video telling about your company’s commitment and the plastic remove. 


Get a customized QR code and landing page with a personalized video from our cleanup team.



This is how removing plastic from the ocean contributes to your environmental profile and company brand:

As part of the green transition and development of a wide range of sustainability activities, The Royal Danish Yachtclub have removed 2,500 kg of plastic from the ocean through ReSea Project, and furthermore decided to donate two boats to our fishermen in Indonesia. Through the marketing advantages, The Royal Danish Yachtclub have created a more noticeable message, enabling them to increase the awareness of their sustainability focus and inspire the many visitors and members in the harbor area to comply with their ambitions.

Interested in making a similar case for your company? State your interest and share a few details about your company and products/services below and we will be in touch on how you can improve company attractiveness and loyalty through the removal of plastic from the oceans.

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Stay updated

Get the inspiration to take action and get the latest updates on our cleanup progress.

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