Retrieves 500 kg of plastic from the oceans!


How it all started

Founder Katrine Lee Larsen started Copenhagen Cartel back in 2019 out of a concern and consideration for the future of our oceans and planet. She designs high-quality and fashionable swimwear from ghost nets (fishing nets), but wants to do even more for our oceans and planet. To achieve a more holistic solution for her brand, she has decided to remove 500 kg of plastic from the oceans.


Provide your customers
with a better choice…


Our customers are selective.

Removing plastic per bikini sold adds value to our products.

Copenhagen Cartel’s basic idea is to provide customers with a better choice by providing sustainable and long-lasting products. Sustainability is not just another buzzword for Katrine and Copenhagen Cartel, as everything she does needs to be sustainable – from production to packaging. This holistic approach is one of the reasons why she believes in the ReSea Project and the mission to save and protect the ocean by removing all plastic waste.

Time is scarce for successful startups, which is why Katrine and Copenhagen Cartel needed a solution that was easy to implement. With a bunch of ready-to-use pictures and short video clips, it was easy for Katrine to integrate the ReSea solution into her own strategy.


More plastic removed per swimwear piece

To start with, Katrine has decided to clean the oceans by removing 500 kg of plastic and to remove more plastic per swimwear item sold than she uses. A strong purpose is a necessity and Katrine believes that removing even more plastic than she reuses is a strong message to send her customers and other companies in the fashion industry.


A stronger brand together with ReSea Project

Together with ReSea Project, Katrine has no doubt that her brand has become stronger and her customers have been more than positive and supportive of her initiative to collect plastic from the ocean. Her customers are very selective of what they buy, which is why the partnership with ReSea Project has given her product an important added value.

Read more about Copenhagen Cartel here.

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